U.S. Patent No. D,721,469 and D,721,468

Pants for Men & Women With Incontinence

Quality Adaptive Pants for Seniors & Individuals with Disabilities

After watching Caregivers struggle to access an adult brief and seeing the discomfort & indignity the process causes, we knew there had to be an easy, more efficient and compassionate solution to make the process easier for our elder parents and spouses. That's why we developed CareZips®.

These patented wash-and-wear pants open from the waist to the knees. Thanks to this feature, our trousers are easy for Caregivers to put on and take off their loved one or patient. Plus, the pants increase Caregivers' productivity and lessen their back strain while handling heavier adults. Try CareZips® and experience a new level of convenience. CareZips® smartly provides dignity to difficult elder incontinent situations.

Meet Our President

Molly Dye is the creative mind behind CareZips®.  She developed the incontinent pants in 2014 while caring for her mother.

Meet Molly Dye

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